Not too long ago, Ferrari debuted its new F8 Tributo. While there was a good amount of excitement — when isn't there when a Ferrari debuts — I was a bit let down.

Not only was its SF90 based on the 458 Italia's now dated chassis. So was the F8 Tributo.

Following Ferrari's cadence over the past 30 years, this should have meant the reveal of an all-new chassis. Instead we're getting something repackaged. While I don't doubt that this F8 Tributo will be an improvement and the SF90 will take the marque in an all-new direction, it's still a bit of a bummer.

It also doesn't help that the 458 Italia was a vehicle with excellent styling. Styled by Pininfarina many considered it to be the Ferrari that brought back sensual designs that were lacking from the F brand.

Having said that, at the request of a user, we wanted to put all three designs next to each other to see WHICH one YOU think is best — and WHY.

So, lay it on us, Spies! What say you?

WHICH and WHY? Based On LOOKS Alone, Which Ferrari Would YOU Put In Your Garage?

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