Bugatti is world-renowned for producing some of the world's most insane vehicles. Not only in terms of price, though.

They're off the charts when you factor in their performance, luxury accoutrements and exclusivity. Simply put, Bugattis are not for the faint of heart, in any regard.

Stephan Winkelmann, Bugatti's president, has noted that the ultra luxury marque is going to do something special. It's just not clear what, exactly. He's noted it will be able to do some off-roading but claims that Bugatti will not build a sport-utility vehicle. He's said that drivers, especially women, want to sit higher for better visibility.

So, what the hell is it?

Given the mixed messages, it seems that most agree it will be some type of sporty crossover. The final form factor is to be determined, however. That said, the fine folks over at CAR magazine decided to take a crack at rendering what Bugatti's soon-to-be new model will look like.

Bugatti's SUV project is gathering momentum and boss Stephan Winkelmann has fleshed out a few more details on the new, taller kind of Bug to broaden the brand's wafer-thin sports car range.

CAR magazine asked the Bugatti president whether there was still a market for hyper-expensive luxury limousines. 'There is, but most customers for these kinds of cars, especially women, want to sit high so they can see out,' he told us. In separate interviews at the Frankfurt motor show, Winkelmann revealed that the new model would likely be a four-seat model with the capability for some off-road driving.

All the signs are pointing to a higher-riding, crossover-influenced sports car as its second model range - but it won't be a traditional SUV, Winkelmann vows...

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RENDERED SPECULATION: To SUV Or NOT To SUV, That Is Bugatti's Question...

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