Uber says new rules around traffic and congestion in New York City threaten its business model. The ride-hailing company filed a lawsuit against the city on Friday that aims to eliminate a law limiting the amount of time drivers can spend cruising certain busy parts of Manhattan without a passenger.

"Drivers' flexibility is already being threatened by Mayor de Blasio's regulations, and the cruising cap will only make that worse," an Uber spokesman said. "This arbitrary rule used a flawed economic model, did not take into account how drivers are affected by previous regulations."

New York City first passed a law in August 2018 that capped the number of ride-hailing vehicles that're allowed on its streets from services like Uber and Lyft. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said the move aimed to fight congestion and provide higher wages to drivers. The law was set to expire after one year, but the city voted to extend it indefinitely in June...

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Uber SUES NYC And Blasts Mayor, Bill de Blasio, For Unfair Regulations

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