Easily one of the most anticipated vehicle debuts in recent memory, there's a lot riding on the launch of Ford's upcoming Bronco. I have had folks from all walks of life tell me about their enthusiasm for Ford's next-gen, utilitarian truck.

With it comes a bonus though. That would be the "baby" Bronco.

Although some reports have said it will be dubbed the Adventurer, that buzz seems to have died down in recent months.

Whatever it will be called, we've been keeping a close eye on any developments. The latest spy shots have emerged and it seems that not much has been peeled off from when we last saw it. There's some news because a spy got an interior shot of the "baby" Bronco.

While it is heavily camouflaged, there's a couple things to make out. First, its steering wheel is lifted from the Escape, which can be telling as to what components may be shared. Obviously, the steering rack is carried over. Second, if you look close you can see there's a digital instrument panel (IP) being employed.

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SPIED: All-new Spy Shots Of The Upcoming Ford

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