Every now and then we like to pop into dealers.

For me there's a couple reasons why I like to do this: First, it keeps me on my toes. It's always good to try and stay ahead of what dealerships are up to in order to move product. Second, it's good to connect with folks on the front lines to understand what products are doing well and which are fizzling.

And there's the funny and interesting stuff you catch on the way. Such a thing happened recently.

I was walking around a showroom of an unnamed dealer when I saw a bright blue Toyota RAV4 sitting on the floor. It was painted a standard color but it featured some vinyl attached to the roof, blacked out wheels and some blacked out emblems. All in, not a big deal.

Well, until I got around to looking at the sticker.

Advertised as a Special Edition RAV4, this dealer was charging $4,490 for this "package." In other words, a perfectly fine product that should retail at sticker for $32.1K* — which is already too much — is now retailing at $36.6K*.

*These figures do not include title, taxes and fees.

At first I laughed and then snapped pictures. Then I realized there's a chance someone will walk in and get duped. To me, that's a bit irksome as there is no RAV4 Special Edition.

So, I just have to ask: Don't you just HATE when you see dealers do things like THIS?

WHYTHO? Don't You Just HATE When You See Dealers Do Things Like THIS?

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