Although the all-new Jeep Gladiator was heralded by the media, as far as we can tell, it's not the raging success we thought it would be. More are starting to appear now that the markups have faded and discounts are being put on the table.

But, if we're honest, its proportions are a bit peculiar in the flesh. Take a good, hard look at it from the Gladiator's rear 3/4 angle.

That said, being that we're infected with "the sickness," enthusiasts get, we were recently trolling eBay listings when we stumbled upon a gem. That would be a 1972 Jeep J4000 — originally known as the Gladiator. It's in pretty good shape too.

Being that we're car/truck guys, this got us wondering: WHICH would YOU rather have? An all-new Jeep Gladiator or the 1972 version in MINT condition?

What say you, Spies?

Up for sale is my 1972 Jeep J4000 (Gladiator) pickup.  This truck is a true and absolute survivor!  With just over 54,000 WELL documented miles, this machine is a living breathing time capsule.  It even has the original window sticker!!  I am the 3rd owner of this beautiful piece of history and hate to see it go. From day one up until a few months ago, this truck has had a camper on it, protecting both the bed and the cab from damaging sun and weather.  “Jeb”, as we like to call it, is about as original as it gets.  The big block 360 was rebuilt 11,000 miles ago (back in 1999) at the local Ford dealer in town and the seat has been recovered.  Other than normal maintenance, everything is as it was in 1972.  The second owner purchased it in 1981 with only 14,000 miles, and has kept meticulous records until now.  Since it hasn’t been driven very much in the last 3 decades or so, it needed some standard maintenance in order to keep it in proper running condition.  Below is a list of things I’ve done to it in the last few months...

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TRUCK WARS! Which Would YOU Rather? An All-new Jeep Gladiator OR A MINT 1972 Jeep J4000?

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