With the invention of social media, entire worlds were opened up for the public to see. It's amazing how technology has completely changed everything and continues to serve as a conduit for information distribution.

One thing it has done for the automotive community is give light to car collectors.

Some are really interesting with rather unique collections. Others tend to be what I consider "acquirers." These are the folks that have to have the latest all-new toy but do not actually drive them. They're essentially pieces of art until they're dumped and then the next vehicle is acquired.

This got me thinking: Are all car collectors created EQUAL?

When I see a guy like Jay Leno, you have to give him props. He loves anything and everything with wheels. That includes fire engines, jet-propelled cars and motorcycles. Leno's collection casts a wide net. Not to mention he truly loves driving his vehicles.I don't know many people who LOVE driving a fire engine to the office.

So, what say you, Spies? Is there a difference?

Are ALL Car Collectors Created EQUAL? Is There A Difference Between An Acquirer And An Enthusiast?

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