Audi is moving fast and furious with the development of its electric vehicle program. With a claimed 20 EVs on the way, it's clear that the four rings is not wasting time getting autos from concept to reality.

The latest vehicle discussed is one that will live on its PPE chassis.

According to reports it will be similar in size to the A5 Sportback but will not be based on the e-tron GT that sent tongues wagging after its debut. The e-tron GT is actually the sister car to the Porsche Taycan and is based on another chassis.

This PPE-based model is going to be the more attainable vehicle with the intention of higher sales volume. Word on the street says that it will feature a rear-mounted electric motor rendering it rear-wheel drive and it should attain over 300 miles — then again, we know how awesome Audi and Porsche have been at estimating how many miles its EVs will get on a full charge. It *may* be possible to add another motor to the front axle to provide all-wheel drive but it's too early to tell if that will make it to production.

Our friends at Autocar crafted a rendering to give us an idea of what it suspects this A5 Sportback-type EV will look like. To see the full render, click "Read Article," after the jump.

The first Audi model to be built on the new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture, co-developed with Porsche, is set to be a low-slung A5 Sportback-sized four-door coupé. 

The dramatic new model, first reported by Autocar in March, previewed in images released by the German company showcasing its electric car strategy, which includes the launch of 20 EVs using four different platforms by 2025...

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RENDERED SPECULATION: Audi's Next EV Will Be A Sporty, More Attainable Four-door Coupe

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