As we've noted before, paint is one of our favorite things to see on today's autos. Meaning we like to see a variety of paints — and wraps — on all sorts of vehicles.

And now with just about every automaker offering unique specifications or even one-off ordering, things have gotten far more interesting. This especially applies to Porsche who's well known for its paint-to-sample (PTS) program.

Over the past couple of years, it's clear that two colors have really become strong in Porsche's palette. That would be Miami Blue and Chalk.

It's become common to see 911s, GT3s, GT3RS and GT2RS vehicles painted in Miami Blue or Chalk. Because of this, it's not unheard of to see a Cayenne, Macan or 718 Boxster adorning the same hues. 

But when Agent 001 shot me a picture of a refreshed Macan in Chalk, it didn't strike a chord with me. So, Spies, weigh in: Do YOU think the refreshed Porsche Macan is a STUD or DUD in chalk?

STUD or DUD? Do YOU Think The Refreshed Porsche Macan Works In CHALK?

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