This week is a bit of a rough one if you're living the dream in California. That's because, my friends, many aren't living that so-called life right now.

Utility companies based in NoCal are shutting off electricity in an attempt to prevent highly destructive wildfires. These power outages are expected to spread to SoCal later this week as Santa Ana winds continue to fan what could become an increasingly dangerous situation.

From what I've been reading, it seems that the media is indicating that these rolling blackouts could become the norm in California.

While that certainly is an inconvenience as folks go about their daily lives, that made us pause for a second. IF you own an electric vehicle, how the hell are you supposed to get around this minor detail? And if you need your vehicle in a pinch (e.g., health issue or the fires reach your doorstep), What are electric vehicle owners supposed to do?

Say a prayer and hope for the best?

Is this yet another indicator that EVs will NEVER reach critical mass? If you are under an evacuation order, every second counts. Forget about minutes or the hours necessary to juice up your battery.

Pacific General & Electric (PG&E) is cutting power across large swaths of Northern California, including the Bay Area, in a drastic bid to prevent wildfires.

Now Tesla is warning people that before they settle into their outage outrage, they should really charge up their electric cars.

You see, electric cars are great options—except when there is no way to power them up. To be as proactive as PG&E, after hearing the news of the impending power cut, Tesla jumped into action, sending out an in-car alert to the dashboard display warning owners to charge their vehicles fully ahead of the outage...

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Electricity Is Shut OFF In California — Is THIS The REAL Reason Why EV’s Will NEVER Reach Critical Mass?

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