If there's one thing we can be certain of, it's this. President Donald Trump is not for the faint of heart.

His opinions and points of view are strong and definitely follow the guidelines of "take no prisoner." With everything going on around the supposed Ukrainian scandal, one recent tweet seemed to fly under the radar.

Well, let's see if we can change that.

A tweet posted yesterday seemed to imply that the development of autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles are actually driving the price of fuel up. It's tough to know exactly what he was referring to as he tends to speak in a vague manner but we suspect he's drawing a correlation between California's latest fuel efficiency mandates.

Keep in mind: Trump is currently dealing with California, which is trying to sidestep the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) by imposing stricter gas mileage and carbon emission standards in partnership with Ford, Honda, BMW and Volkswagen. That MIGHT have something to do with it.

Having said that, I've got to ask: Do you think Trump is onto something? Or, is this just another tweet with little substance?

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Have AVs And EVs Made Driving LESS Safe And Gas Prices RISE? President Donald Trump Thinks So.

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