One of the best automotive reviewers out there today is Steve Sutcliffe. He's driven just about everything and he tells the story the way it is.

No bias, no fluff. Just the facts.

That's why I like this fella. He reviews autos and gives it to his audience straight, which is what we try to do right here on

So, what's the all-new, 2020 BMW M8 Competition like on track? Well, seek and ye shall find.

According to Sutcliffe, they will get more time behind the wheel on standard roads soon enough.

If you look at the raw numbers, the new BMW M8 Competition is a sports car of vast ability. In simple terms it’s the fastest production car BMW has ever produced – but it’s also one of the brand’s most sophisticated models thus far.

DRIVEN + VIDEO: So, What's The All-new BMW M8 Competition Like ON TRACK?

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