After the launch of the road-going McLaren 600LT, I really thought that the British-based supercar manufacturer was done improving upon the Sport Series portfolio.

I mean, what else is there to do? Well, it appears that there are some more hardcore items to add.

We know this because all-new spy shots have emerged of what's being called the McLaren 620R. Imagine the 600LT stepped up a notch. This includes obvious things like power but also in form of aerodynamics, suspension, weight savings and more.

Think of it as the company's GT4 racer, just road legal. Frankly, it's amazing to continue seeing sports car manufacturers pushing the boundaries of what's possible on today's roads.

The icing on the cake? Autocar confirmed this vehicle's existence with McLaren corporate. Although it's remaining tight-lipped on the matter, according to reports the vehicle will be available only to existing customers by invitation (e.g., extremely limited).

McLaren has confirmed to Autocar that it will be building a road-going GT4 racing car based on the 600LT, dubbed 620R.

Spotted testing for the first time, the 620R features a design linked to that of last year’s ultra-exclusive 570S MSO X, with an aerodynamic package clearly adapted from that of McLaren’s racing programme...

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SPIED + CONFIRMED: McLaren ISN'T Done Yet, 620R Caught On Camera For The FIRST Time

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