If there's one automaker that others should take note from, it's Porsche. That's because this German automaker has been able to perfect the expansion of a product lineup while keeping buyers at the edge of their seat.

It's remarkable, really.

Take, for example, the many different flavors of the Porsche 911. Well, the same thing has been applied to the 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman. The latest launch? That would be the "T" variant.

Taken from vintage Porsches, the "T" is the stripped down and "pure" Porsche. But does it really matter? The 718 Cayman and the S variants pack a lot of punch.

See below as our friends from CAR magazine unpack their experience with the 718 Cayman T. Below is its verdict. For the FULL review, click "Read Article," below.

Verdict: why?

We’ve done 'what is the Cayman T', and 'how does it drive', but the question that presents this car’s largest stumbling block is: 'why?' It’s a great car as you’d expect, but it doesn’t offer a great deal over the standard car, let alone the S. For a bit of extra cash you get features that add an extra sense of occasion, but that you can’t really feel when driving on the road. Still, if you’ve got the money, and you’re okay with the premium, go ahead.

And one more thing: we drove the Cayman after news of the model’s imminent electrification, and we handed the keys back with mixed feelings: in some ways the Cayman is the ultimate donor for electric power, and in others it's the worst. 

The 718 Cayman’s brilliant chassis and functional engine remind us sound isn’t everything, and that torque valley before the 5000 mark makes us yearn for the instant, effortless, everywhere torque you find in EVs like the Taycan.

But are junior sports cars about effortless power, or searching, working and constantly reacting to feedback – like the way we contend with the Cayman’s turboey power signature? And will it even have gears? Those are questions for a few years' time.


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DRIVEN: Does The All-new Porsche 718 Cayman T Even Make Sense? We're Not So Sure...

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