The Jeep Gladiator could make its U.S. military debut in the coming years as a light tactical vehicle after AM General and Jeep's corporate parent Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles announced a co-developed MXT concept truck on Monday morning. The two companies envision Jeep's midsize pickup transformed to suit a variety of applications for troops out in the field as a glorious reunion that hearkens back to the days of World War II and Willys MBs—that is, if the military is actually interested.

AM General showcased two potential forms for the Gladiator MXT in its release, an open-doored convertible version that looks like a light transport vehicle and a closed-off one with a large box in the bed that presumably houses logistical equipment of some kind. The company claims it's using “custom-built and commercially available military-grade parts,” though it doesn't disclose any specifics.

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AM General Banks On Jeep Gladiator Making It To Military Service

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