One thing we really appreciate here at AutoSpies is freedom of expression. We love seeing automotive enthusiasts customizing their rides and personalizing them to their heart's content.

We're pretty confident the plethora of aftermarket suppliers are big fans of it as well.

Weird & Wonderful — October

These days just about anything one can imagine is possible. It's a beautiful thing.

BUT, and this is a big but, sometimes things can get a bit out of control. Sometimes folks do things that we can't exactly make sense of.

Take, for example, the Tesla Model X below. Whether or not you like the Model X, it is a very pricey ride at the end of the day. And to fully wrap one it's got to run about $7,000-8,000. Although folks think a wrap job is simple and cheap to do, I reassure you it isn't.

Unless, of course, you go to someone who cuts on the car.

That said, this was spotted out and about in SoCal and we just wanted to take your temperature: Is this Tesla Model X COOL or the decision of a FOOL?

Weird & Wonderful — October

COOL Or The Decision Of A FOOL? What Do YOU Make Of This WRAPPED Tesla Model X?

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