Not too long ago, Agent 009 posted a story featuring an Instagram of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay with his latest acquisition. Being that he's a huge Ferrari fan, it's no surprise that he added another one to his fleet.

But this isn't your ordinary Ferrari.

That's because Ramsay picked up a Monza SP2. To be honest, this is an extreme supercar.

We're talking no roof and no windshield. It has some deflectors but if you ever get a chance to experience one we suggest breaking out the goggles.

And I don't know about you guys but I think this is a gorgeous looking vehicle. From every angle there's a neat little design detail or something breathtaking.

That said, we're bringing you a video from a high-end U.K.-based dealer, HR Owen. With a McLaren P1, Senna and Bugatti Chiron in attendance, it's easy to see that there was some serious hardware in store for its latest dealer event.

It was epic to see world famous celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay's newly-delivered Ferrari Monza SP2 at today's HR Owen Bodytechnics Car Club event. The chef has previously purchased many high-end Ferraris including a LaFerrari coupe, LaFerrari Aperta and F12 TDF, however this one is surely the most special!

VIDEO: Get UP CLOSE And PERSONAL With Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay's Ferrari Monza SP2 — Dial UP The Volume!

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