While I know the auto manufacturers go to great lengths to keep all-new products under wraps until their planned unveils, I have to admit something. I just love when they get spoiled.

In this day and age, one has to wonder why bothering with all the pomp and circumstance.

Auto shows are dying and reveals are happening in the digital world more than ever. Though I will confess: It's SO much fun to be at a launch.

The latest all-new vehicle to get leaked via a sneaky photographer is Aston Martin's all-new DBX. For the unfamiliar, this is Aston's first-ever sport-utility vehicle. From what we can tell, it seems like Aston is hoping the DBX has the same success as the Porsche Cayenne — obviously not at that scale, however.

Taking some creative license from the DB11 and the Vantage, it looks like Aston has pulled together something interesting. It certainly trounces the work put out by Bentley and Porsche. Granted, that's not a high benchmark.

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The reveal of Aston Martin's new DBX SUV appears to have been spoiled, with pictures of an undisguised car surfacing online several weeks ahead of the official unveiling. 

The car, which is Aston's first high-riding model, was papped during what looks like a promotional shoot by Spanish site Autopista. As expected, the design has significantly moved on from the concept, with a front-end inspired by the DB11 and details such as a tail-lights that curve up and across the tailgate...

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SPIED! Completely UNMASKED Aston Martin DBX Gets LEAKED Before Its BIG Reveal...

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