Since the launch of the Lexus LC500 concept vehicle, we've been a fan of its design. From every angle it is a good looking product.

Is it polarizing? Sure.

I am pretty sure that's the point of any really good automotive design today. It's to make you feel something. Whether you love or hate it is up to you.

Recently snapped working its way around downtown Los Angeles was the all-new LC500 convertible. Although the drop top variant kind of caught us by surprise, it makes sense.

Perhaps Lexus noted its missed opportunity with an LFA convertible?

Painted a bright blue with an ivory and blue two-tone interior, the all-new LC500 convertible appears to be doing what it does best: Get attention. According to Carscoops, it appears that Lexus was filming and photographing the vehicle for what's speculated to be promotional materials for the LC500 convertible's launch. I think the Porsche Cayenne camera/chase vehicle gives it away.

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SPIED on the STREET! The All-new Lexus LC500 Convertible Gets Snapped During LA Photoshoot

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