When it comes to über luxury vehicles, there's really two top dogs in the fight. That would be Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

Simply put, these two auto manufacturers do things that are seemingly unthinkable for an automobile. At the end of the day, you don't and won't get it unless you've driven or ridden in one.

The Flying Spur nameplate always seemed to be neglected from my point of view. While it was always an OK vehicle, it never quite had that certain something that its other siblings had. It was always a bit frumpy or something. Bentley started turning the tide with the last generation refresh, that's for sure, but now we're getting the best of Bentley's effort.

That's because an all-new Flying Spur is here. And it's glorious.

But, what's it really like?

The folks over at CAR magazine recently filed a review and it seems quite promising. In fact, it may be the best Bentley being produced today. To better understand why, check out the the full review by clicking "Read Article" after the jump. Get the skinny, below.

Verdict: Bentley Flying Spur review

The lumpy-looking old Flying Spur W12 was Bentley’s least appealing car. This new version is probably Bentley’s best. It’s as good to drive as the two-door Continental GT W12. And yet it is more refined and considerably more spacious than that fine two-door Bentley. It’s also rather more polished and comfortable than the pricier if more bespoke Mulsanne saloon.

No big limousine today can simultaneously play the high-performance saloon with such conviction. To pamper so richly and yet simultaneously serve up such performance is an astonishing technical achievement. And so very true to Bentley’s rich heritage.

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