One of my favorite Japanese marques is Mazda. Although I am sure some folks around here have their gripes, there's quite a lot of things to like about the smaller brand.

Firstly, its designs are high quality. When you see most modern Mazdas, they're not the economy vehicles of yore. The latest and greatest seem to exude a more sophisticated quality to them. Take, for example, its latest Mazda 3 and Mazda 6. These vehicles punch above their weight with their respective exterior designs.

Secondly, the vehicles I've experienced can take a great beating. Even when mistreated, I've seen Mazdas take a licking and keep on ticking. Meanwhile, German autos of the same age toss in the towel long before or are rife with stupid minor issues that add up.

So when I hear that Mazda is ready to reveal its first-ever electric vehicle, my ears perk up. The brand known for its dedication to "zoom zoom" should have something interesting in store.

Its latest teasers seem to suggest a compact sport-utility vehicle with a four-door coupe roofline (e.g., sloping).

What else do YOU notice in its latest teaser clip?

Our all-new, all-electric vehicle embodies an expansion of our renowned Kodo design philosophy. Grounded in the beautifully honed, handcrafted forms traditional to Mazda, our EV also explores new directions in design.

By rethinking what matters most, the overall form is uncompromisingly simple and adopts a unique door concept, opening your mind.

Stay tuned to discover all this and more at the Tokyo Motor Show next week.

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