As we continue to see automobiles evolve with each passing year, it's stunning to see how much technology can be packed under their respective hoods. Just think of ALL the progress that's been made over the past five years.

From safety improvements to camera technology to semi-autonomous features. Vehicles are so high tech today!

But, we've noticed something a bit peculiar.

Auto manufacturers largely aren't taking advantage of their camera systems. While there's more cameras than ever before and software able to stitch together amazing three-dimensional images for parking purposes, these systems are really operating at a 1.0 level. That's because there's lacking creativity.

Tesla allows for its integrated dashcam — called Teslacam — to capture and store footage from drives. This allows for stunning moments, like this, to be captured. See video, below.

Although Chevrolet equipped the C7 Corvette with a Performance Data Recorder meant for track purposes and spying on valets, were not aware of it being used for street purposes.

This begs the question: Why are automakers SO hesitant to make greater use of today's tech-enabled vehicles that already are putting a large number of cameras to use? What gives, Spies?

WHY Are Automakers SO Hesitant To Make Integrated Dashcams — Like On Teslas — An Option?

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