Whenever there’s an auto show, you can rest assured Mitsubishi is bringing a new concept for an SUV. Case in point, the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show is the venue where Mitsu has unveiled today the radically styled Mi-Tech, which combines a controversial design with a complicated powertrain all wrapped up in a small SUV package.

The idea behind the concept is to imagine the buggy of the future, complete with a new interpretation of Mitsubishi’s bold “Dynamic Shield” front fascia with copper accents. The polarizing grille is flanked by T-shaped headlights sending out a high-tech vibe. The massive square wheel arches attract all the attention when looking at the side profile, while the absence of doors denotes the vehicle’s buggy-esque personality. The rear end shaped like a hexagon and the taillights carrying the same “T” theme contribute to the Mi-Tech’s striking appearance.

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