I know that the Spies here adore the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Whenever any news about one of the ultimate large luxury sedan pops, I try to get it to you as soon as possible.

But, to be honest, with the next-gen model it's been slow lately. Well, at least until today.

That's because all-new spy shots of the upcoming Mercedes-Maybach popped up. And, if you look close, there's some important all-new details never before seen.

Take, for example, the vehicles' overall lower stance. Check out the rather sporting wheel/tire combination. And then there's the pinched headlights and taillights. These details all follow current Mercedes-Benz design trends but I never thought it would appear on the big body S-Class. I would suspect the proportions would look off.

Although difficult to decipher given the camouflage, it appears that its side profile will not be so slab sided thanks to what I can best describe as a "scalloping."

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SPIED! All-new Spy Shots Of The Next-gen Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Show Us A New Side To This Limo...

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