If you're in the market for a 2020 Toyota Supra but currently fed up with the hefty dealer markups, today is your lucky day. Spotted en route to a public salvage auction is a "Launch Edition" Supra that we suspect will go for quite a bit less than the car's $49,990 base MSRP. There's just one catch: Most components fore of the windshield have been smashed to bits.

Courtesy of IAAI, the auction listing doesn't share any details about the car's past, but it doesn't take an expert to figure out that the former owner hit some sort of pole or narrow object head-on and with considerable force. The Toyota Supra is a pretty nimble handler whose 3.0-liter turbo inline-six engine doesn't exactly overwhelm with 335 horsepower, so plain driver error is a likely candidate here.

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First 2020 Supra Winds Up At Salvage Auction - How Many More Will Follow?

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