It's amazing to see just how popular carbon fiber has become. Originally used in the construction of aircrafts and some of NASA's most cutting-edge vehicles, the space age material has made it into some of today's most mundane automobiles.

But, it's not just found there. From toilets to cell phone cases to bottle openers and auto body panels, it's taken the world by storm.

Anytime I see it, I immediately think of high-performance engineering. Conversely, since it's become so widely adored, I've also found it symbolic of a certain tackiness.

You see, a carbon fiber tub is a functional piece. Now a slew of trim bits that cost a pretty penny but, largely, aren't doing much to actually lighten a vehicle's weight? I am not sold on that.

So, when I saw an Instagram post displaying a newly spec'd out Ferrari 488 Pista with blue-colored carbon fiber, I knew I had to ask: Is this AWESOME or AWFUL?

Over the past couple of years, colored carbon fiber has been seen here and there. Hideously expensive, auto makers have come to understand that by dying the resin a color can make it more visually interesting. To date, I've seen blue, red and green done.

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It’s Monday, and like us you’re probably suffering with the Monday Blues. Well let’s give you a dose of Blu carbon as you shall see on the brave but beautifully specced 488 Pista. Finished in Argento Nürburgring accompanied by paint matched wheels which house Blu calipers. The exterior also features a Blu America racing stripe as well as a complete Carbonio Blu Lucido carbon package. But it doesn’t stop there, open the door and you will find Nero leather paired with Carbonio Blu Lucido again with every carbon option being treated including the paddle shifters and seat backs. Carbonio Blu Lucido is even covering the entirety of the engine bay. An outstanding spec which is currently for sale @scuderiamotorscars. ?? - @scuderiamotorscars. Question is, 488 Pista, 458 Speciale, F430 Scuderia or 360 Challenege Stradale?

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