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Say what you will about Kia designs of the 90s and 00s, but there’s no denying the company has upped its game in recent years with cars like the sporty Stinger, the funky Soul, and the Telluride family hauler. There’s more to come as the company has kicked off the teaser campaign for the new Optima by releasing hugely promising images of the K5 destined for domestic market South Korea.

As you can see in the adjacent shadowy pics, it looks nothing like the Optima on sale today and you’d be tempted to say it’s an entirely different car positioned above the midsize sedan. Have no doubt – it is the K5. We spotted the car several months ago, but the heavy camouflage did a good job of masking the revamped design.

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Kia Tries To Put A Nail In The Coffin Of The Premium Class With Redesigned Optima

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