Now, if you saw our previous thread, you'd know that the folks over at Top Gear took the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and put it in a head-to-head test with the Tesla Model S Performance. We think that's great! We love competition and we encourage it.

There's just one problem. Actually, a few.

It turns out Top Gear may have botched the job. It's not clear if it was done on purpose or a simple mistake. See the review for yourself here.

The team at Elektrek as well as DragTimes have pointed out there's some other inconsistencies with Top Gear's test. See below for Brooks' — from DragTimes — assessment of the situation.

So, what say you, Spies? Did Top Gear BOTCH the job? What do you make of this latest controversy?

...We noted that the report from Top Gear appeared to be “mostly fair” and gave a good look at the two vehicles, however, we also noted that something weird was going on with the drag race results...

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The Plot THICKENS! Did Top Gear Actually BOTCH The Taycan Vs. Model S Drag Race?

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