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SPIED! All-new Genesis GV80 + Next-gen G80

Thanks to Fred Khaz, we've got some all-new snaps of the upcoming Genesis GV80 as well as the next-gen G80 sedan. As far as I can remember, I believe these may be the first shots of the GV80 testing on U.S. roads. I've seen pictures of it on the Nürburgring and testing abroad, but not here.

Draped in heavy camouflage, it's clear the U.S.-based team isn't taking any chances with letting any details slip. This is peculiar given the European test fleet is wearing far less camouflage. Perhaps this is durability testing versus more aerodynamic-related testing at speed, which is happening overseas?

In addition, you'll note as a part of this research and development convoy there's an all-new G80 following behind its sport-utility vehicle sibling. Also sporting heavy camouflage in strategic locations, it's pretty well covered; however, it's clear it will be inspired by the current G90 with its large front grille and tweaked taillights.

Check out the FULL collection of spy shots, below!

SPIED! All-new Genesis GV80 + Next-gen G80

SPIED on the STREET! Up Close And PERSONAL Shots Of The All-new Genesis GV80 And Next-gen G80 Testing In SoCal...

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