It's been an explosive start to the week as breaking news has just hit the 'net. That would be the debut of the all-new Ford Bronco R.

This is the race-spec version of the all-new Bronco that's been eagerly anticipated.

While this stripped-down version doesn't reveal the details we expect on a production unit that will ship to normal customers like you and I, it does whet our appetite. I am not sure about you, boys and girls, but we're pretty excited for Spring 2020 when we DO get a look at the production model.

Although we've posted the press release and the BEST real-life images of the Bronco R, we just couldn't stop there. Agent 001 took some quick footage from the desert reveal this morning.

We're trying to make the Bronco R reveal as real as possible for you, Spies! Check out the clip, below.

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Ford's All-new Bronco R LEAKS Before #SEMA2019! And WE Have The Video To PROVE It!

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