The teams that comprise most buff books are peculiar. That's because they're typically snotty, entitled and, frankly, rampant with bad taste.

You have to remember that most of these guys' and girls' dream ride is a vintage station wagon of any make and model provided it's painted brown. Not exactly the type of person I'd trust with the second largest purchase in my household.

But, here we are.

Road & Track just published its 2020 Performance Car of the Year (PCOTY) test and the result is...interesting. But rather than have me weigh in on it, I'd rather hear what the Spies think of R&T's findings.

You'll note the excerpt below that includes its verdict. For the FULL review, click "Read Article" after the jump.

...The Veloster N is what a great front-wheel-drive car should feel like. A delight that welds a smile to your face every time you drive it. It cheers you on, treating you like the hero. And it came from a company that had no reason to build it. Chevrolet has to make a Corvette; Porsche, a 911. Short of a giant meteorite or nuclear winter, those names will always exist. Cars like the Veloster N are more special, crafted not of obligation, but for the sheer joy of driving. That’s why the Hyundai Veloster N is Road & Track’s 2020 Performance Car of the Year.

We got your letter, Hyundai. We heart you, too.

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IMPRESSED or DEPRESSED: Is R&T's 2020 Performance Car Of The Year Right On The $ Or Tone Deaf?

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