It was only yesterday that Aston Martin dropped the first official image of its all-new DBX fully uncloaked. Featuring its interior, it looks like a lovely place to be.

And while I am an interior guy, I am far more intrigued by how it drives.

This has always been Aston Martin's strong suit. It builds grand tourers with different degrees of a sporting quality to them. That means they can be super dialed in, make a great sound and are comfortable. It's not an easy balance to strike.

But our friends at Autocar were given an exclusive opportunity to go for a ridealong in the all-new DBX. From the sounds of it, Aston Martin has taken on a HUGE challenge.

We're hoping it succeeds.

Check out an excerpt below but I suggest you click "Read Article," below for the FULL details.

...Aston has benchmarked heavily ahead of launching a car in a new segment. It says it has tried nearly all of its rivals but has particularly targeted the BMW X6 M, Range Rover Sport SVR and Porsche Cayenne Turbo. This car is as large a leap for Aston as the Cayenne was for Porsche. “You have to change your test procedures because sports car procedures don’t work,” said Becker.

The targets are challenging because the remit of an SUV is so broad. “Working on this makes you a fan of SUVs,” admitted Becker...

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FIRST Impressions Of Aston Martin's FIRST-EVER SUV, The DBX — Go For A Ridealong, NOW

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