I have a new theory, Spies. I am pretty sure that BMW and Hyundai's Genesis have been working together in some capacity.

They've been in cahoots to see which automaker could take longer to develop and productize a sport-utility vehicle.

LEAKED! Genesis GV80 Interior

The Genesis GV80 is on the way and over the past few months some leaks have revealed to us the exterior design. But, what about its interior?

Well, its day has come.

Thanks to a Korean-based automotive website, all-new spy shots fully reveal the GV80's interior. While none of the screens are powered up or shot at an angle we can get a great look, it's the best look at this all-new Genesis' interior. NOTE: See the rotary dial to select gears, the use of a touchscreen for what I assume are HVAC controls, check out the leather-stitched dashboard peeking out from under camouflage, etc.

It's clearly taking a lot of inspiration from the Hyundai Palisade but has some added refinement in Genesis' own way.

According to reports, the GV80 is expected to be revealed November 28.

LEAKED! Genesis GV80 Interior

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LEAKED! The All-new Genesis GV80's Interior Gets EXPOSED Before Its Reveal — Spy Shots Uncover EVERYTHING!

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