One of the most staggering supercars produced today is the Porsche 911 Turbo. While I am sure some will fight me on calling it a supercar, just remember the stats.

From the factory these 911s are doing sub three second zero to 60 times. And when you dial up launch control, be prepared for your core to be glued to your seat. It is like being shot into space.

With the all-new 992, this is only expected to get more intense. That's because there's a rumored 600 horsepower engine slated for the standard Turbo while the Turbo S will produce upwards of 650 ponies.

While this sounds good and well on paper, the folks at Auto Express recently were in the south of France to experience what the all-new 992 Turbo is really like. Although the verdict — posted below — is a bit underwhelming, I guarantee if you click over you'll be pleasantly surprised with the details the British publication provides.


Faster than ever but supremely refined, Porsche has polished and evolved the Turbo formula rather than reinvented. This new 911 Turbo is shaping up to be quite a machine.

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