Across the nation tonight, record-breaking temperatures and snowfalls are seizing over 200 million Americans. That's due to what's being described as an "arctic blast," grips most of the country.

So, now what? If you haven't been affected, your best bet would be to prepare.

According to reports, five deaths have been attributed to icy conditions on roadways. In Ohio, there was a 50+ vehicle pile up. In Chicago it's a reported seven degrees and the real feel in Detroit is said to be eight degrees.

With a dear friend of mine reporting low 30s in Austin and frigid weather reports stretching as far south as Charleston, we're thinking this is only set to get worse.

Having said that, we just wanted to say "Be safe out there, Spies!"

A dangerous deep freeze is about to get worse for millions of Americans as it widens and tightens its grip. From the Great Lakes to New England, people are digging out from deep snow.

At least five people died on icy roads, including an 8-year-old girl in Kansas. Sleet-slicked roads caused a 50 car pileup near Youngstown, Ohio, that left two people critically injured. Forty miles west in Hudson, multiple collisions caused cars to spin off the road. Overnight, a bus carrying seven passengers landed on its side after the driver lost control just south of Syracuse, New York...

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Dangerous Arctic Blast GRIPS US — 5 Dead, 50+ Vehicle Pile Up, Record-breaking Temps And MORE...

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