Toyota will test how much of the consumer shift away from sedans is because of the added security of all-wheel-drive systems found on most crossovers as the Japanese automaker adds an optional fuel-efficient awd system to its Camry and Avalon sedans next year.

The awd version of the midsize Camry will be the model's first since 1991, while the large Avalon will get its first optional awd version ever. Both will use the same Dynamic Torque Control system employed on the redesigned RAV4 compact crossover, Toyota said. The awd system sends up to half of engine torque to the rear wheels as needed under load if the car detects slippage from the front wheels. When additional traction isn't required, the rear prop shaft is electromagnetically disengaged to boost fuel efficiency, Toyota says.

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40 Years After Quattro Appears In Sedans Toyota Decides That It Is Time To Add AWD To Camry And Avalon

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