Big photos and info dump leaks out of the LA Auto Show DAYS early on the Mustang Mach-E! A new site called somehow hacked the Ford site so here you have all the early info before the official reveal Sunday night.

We have coined an early nickname for the vehicle seeing it takes so many queues from Tesla. We've nicknamed it the #MuskStang. Tell us your thoughts...

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Two most important facts? Base price will start at $43,895 and range will be in the 300 mile range on top units. Which is as predicted a HELL of a lot better than Audi's E-tron.

Here is initial feedback from one of their enthusiast followers...Do you AGREE with their initial assessment?

Initial thoughts:

1.) I don't see door handles (at least on the rear doors)

2.) Grabber Blue is not available on the GT model

3.) The first edition is only $600 less, despite being a good 2 seconds slower (0-60 time) EDIT: Found additional options list. It looks like a lot of the options that are standard on the First Edition are optional on the GT. I guess they did this to make the GT as cheap as possible

4.) The range estimates have fine print that states the range is quoted with an optional extended battery. That means those starting at prices are going to jump even higher.

5.) Even with the extended range battery, the GT's range takes quite a hit compared to the other trims.

6.) The Select trim will be a good starter point into the EV market for a lot of people.

7.) No options for leather or ventilated seats on any trim.

I know these things sound a bit negative, but I guess I am a tad surprised. I thought Ford was going to give Tesla a run for it's money. I think the Model Y beats on range, and matches on price and performance (at least on 0-60). However, that price advantage disappears when Ford sells another 100k EVs. The Mach E is more attractive, in my opinion though.

For now, enjoy! And stay tuned!

LEAKED! Why Wait For Sunday's LA Auto Shows Reveal Of The Mustang Mach-E When You Can See The OFFICIAL Shots NOW?!

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