With the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show kicking off next week, we're gearing up for what's to come. Although there's been quite a bit of news at the tail end of this week surrounding Ford's big announcement, we've got other all-new autos to discuss.

Audi, for example, will have several vehicles to reveal.

2019 LA Auto Show

One of those will be the e-tron Sportback. Think of the e-tron, just with a slanted, coupe-like roof. In addition, the four rings will be showing off all-new headlight tech in form of what it's calling Digital Matrix Lights.

Apparently, this takes laser light tech to a new level. That's because it employs the use of around one million micro-mirrors. By doing so, these lights are said to have "unprecedented precision."

By this point you're probably wondering what the surprise is. Well, wait no further.

Audi will be bringing its all-new RS Q8 sport-utility vehicle to the LA Auto Show. Just as a refresher, the RS Q8 recently set the Nürburgring lap record for SUVs with a time of 7:42. This beats the Lamborghini Urus by a handful of seconds as that vehicle set a time of 7:47 around the Green Hell.

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2019 LA Auto Show

#LAAutoShow: TEASED! Audi Preps Us For Its Debut Of Its e-tron Sportback + CONFIRMS A Surprise Guest...

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