Although it may feel like the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show has been going on for quite some time, it actually hasn't. Today marks day one of the show.

Crazy, right?

2019 LA Auto Show

Today is definitely going to be a busy day as there's a ton of all-new and new products making debuts. And there's a lot more than ever before. As we predicted, this is due to the Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS) moving into the summertime.

This means the automakers have made Los Angeles a tent pole event.

From what I can tell so far there's quite a bit for everyone. Largely though, the show is anchored by electric vehicles and sport-utility vehicles. This isn't much of a surprise given that's where the markets are taking us.

Having said that, take a peek at just a sampling of our live shots below. We're only getting warmed up.

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2019 LA Auto Show

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