As self-proclaimed technology geeks, if there's one thing we dig it's well thought-out tech. It's been really fun over the past 10 or so years watching auto manufacturers push their boundaries.

There's been some innovation but, frankly, it's still quite a bit behind what's being cooked up in today's Palo Alto labs.

2019 LA Auto Show

Having said that, Agent 001 spent some time inside of the all-new Land Rover Defender. But rather than just get interior shots, he spent time running through the infotainment system and off-roading screens.

There's some pretty cool stuff happening here. Note how the screen shows which differential is working and how you can change if its locked/not locked or in auto mode. I love the wade sensing and slope assist. That may just come in handy if you're an off-road nut actually using your all-new Defender.

See for yourself, below!

2019 LA Auto Show

#LAAutoShow: EXCLUSIVE! Check Out The Tech In The All-new Defender, Up Close And Personal!

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