We know from previous reports that the next-generation BMW M3 will come with an available manual transmission. However, there’s a small catch – you won’t be able to order a stick-shift gearbox together with an all-wheel drive. That’s what Road and Track learned from BMW M boss Markus Flasch.

Speaking to the publication during the Los Angeles Auto Show, Flasch confirmed BMW “will offer all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive,” as well as “both manual and auto.” The AWD system won’t be a dual-clutch one like on the previous two generations of the M3 but a traditional torque-converter in the same vein as the current M5. "There's no reason for changing a winning system and pretty much carrying over what we know from the M5," Flasch explained.

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BMW Won't Pair A Manual Transmission With AWD In M3 Or M4 Models

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