Many, have been roasting the Tesla CyberTruck design because it looks like it belongs more in a video game than on the street.

But in the end we have to say that might be the most brilliant move whether on purpose or not.

And we think whichever video game company that uses vehicles in their games that has it as a choice FIRST will make good bank.

If I were a marketing person at Tesla, I'd be calling them non-stop until they make it happen.

Let's face it, the truck is a way off so why not start building excitement now so that when it finally hits the streets, players have been yearning to drive one for REAL.

So Spies, if you were the Tesla marketing people, which game would you want it in MOST?

Spies, discuss...

Which Computer Game Or Smartphone Game Will Include The Tesla CyberTruck As A Vehicle Choice FIRST?

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