Although the New York tri-state region is home to a vast concentration of wealth, and big-time spenders when it comes to luxury automobiles, Mercedes-Benz is doing the unthinkable. It is walking away from participating in the 2020 New York Auto Show (NYIAS).

This is a helluva blow to one of the largest auto shows in North America.

Not only did the three-pointed star command a significant footprint at the New York show, it also had been a key location for product debuts. Mercedes has been able to make headlines and catapult its latest reveals via the Big Apple.

Clearly though, the brand is heading in a different direction.

Before getting into Mercedes' strategy, we're more curious: Who do YOU think is next to pull the rip cord on NYC?

Once a star of America's biggest car shows, Mercedes-Benz is now abandoning them, one by one.

The German luxury maker plans to skip next year's New York auto show, after having been a central figure at the influential luxury-leaning consumer event for at least four decades. It is part of a bigger move by Mercedes — and one also being made by other brands around the world. In recent years, Mercedes also has dropped out of the premier U.S. auto shows in Detroit and Chicago. Only its presence at Los Angeles continues among the Tier 1 American events. But even that commitment could be in doubt...

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Mercedes-Benz Pulls OUT Of The 2020 New York Auto Show — Who's Next?

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