In a staggering video released by VINWiki, it turns out that the Cannonball Run has been broken, again. This is rather staggering news given how low the time has gotten.

The all-new record has been established by Arne Toman and Doug Tabutt. In addition, they were joined by Berkely Chadwick.

The time? 27 hours and 25 minutes. The vehicle of choice? A kitted-out Mercedse-Benz E63 AMG producing around 700 horsepower.

According to data displayed in the video below, the route had a top speed of 193 mph and an average speed of 103 mph. Clearly, these guys were haulin'.

All that said, we've got to ask: Is this AWESOME or AWFUL? While it's definitely not an easy feat, considering the planning, organization of 15+ spotters and modifying the vehicle for this journey, one has to wonder if it's worth it. What's the point, anyway? Bragging rights?

AWESOME or AWFUL? The Cannonball Run Record Has Been BROKEN — Does Anyone ACTUALLY Care?

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