Of the traditional automakers, it's tough to argue that anyone really changes the game quite like Mercedes-Benz. And, typically, the S-Class is the vehicle that shepherds in an all-new era for technology.

When it comes to screens, however, Mercedes appears to be following the likes of Tesla.

This becomes obvious once you take a look at the latest spy shots showing a massive, uncovered screen sitting in the upcoming S' center stack. Although we've seen the next-gen S' interior and this screen previously, this new batch of photos show us more than before. Mind you this massive display is complemented by a large instrument panel screen that's even larger than the current 12-inch display found in many of Mercedes' current-gen products.

The latest collection of spy shots show the interior of the S from several different angles and highlight different details. There's no question these are the BEST on the 'net today.

In addition, the exterior camouflage is starting to come off. There's no more heavy cladding just the strategic wraps.

It's clear to us that the three-pointed star will evolve its flagship's styling. This means it will boast a massive front grille that harkens back to vintage Mercedes, which will be flanked by squinted headlights, and thinner taillights like the latest Mercedes models.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more spy shots when they become available.

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SPIED: The Latest Shots Of The Next-gen Mercedes-Benz S-Class Reveal MORE And Show Off Its NEW BIG SCREEN

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