From mild to wild is how the Texas-based tuner describes the modifications program, and the highlight is a twin-turbo system strapped upon the LT2 V8 with forged aluminum pistons, connecting rods, and a 10.0:1 compression ratio. Together with the additional suck-squeeze-bang-blow, the list of upgrades also includes “a fortified factory dual-clutch transmission.”

General Motors co-developed the DCT with Tremec, and when the C8 was nothing more than an Australian ute, the test mule used to pack a Porsche-sourced PDK as a placeholder. The 8-speed M1L is also known as TR-9080 in the Tremec catalog, and the transaxle is compatible with either a fixed-biased LSD or an electro-hydraulic LSD with active selection of the locking ratio.

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Hennessey To Bring A Twin Turbo 1200HP C8 Corvette To The Street

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