While parsing through some dealer listings today, we came across something interesting.

Although a Kia Telluride may not light everyone's fire straight out of the gate, this one was a bit different than your average Telluride. That's because it featured something we haven't seen before.

That would be a two-tone exterior.

As of now we can't tell if it was painted or simply vinyl added on at the dealer. I've seen this done at other dealers that apply a wrap to the roof to give it a more distinct look.

After seeing this white example, with a black roof and black accents elsewhere, we're thinking that there could be something bigger here. Remember, two-tone color schemes have been HOT on vehicles such as the MINI Cooper, Land Rover Range Rover, Evoque, Toyota CH-R and many others.

Having said that, we've got to ask: Is the Kia Telluride a STUD or DUD with a two-tone look?

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STUD or DUD? Should Kia Go TWO-TONE With The Telluride?

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