Mercedes-Benz is on a roll, folks.

That's because the boys and girls in Stuttgart are currently working very hard on developing a slew of all-new products. No surprise, really, as the team doesn't take too kindly to taking time off. The two at the top of our list?

That would be the all-new S-Class as well as its fully electric sibling, the EQS.

The launch of any generation S-Class is always exciting because of its association with being a technology innovator in the automotive industry. Additionally, we're interested to see if the EQS can deliver a full-size luxury sedan experience. As of now the EQC is a bit of a letdown, so, we're hoping the EQS can up the ante.

Seen in the latest shots, it's clear the heavy cladding has been removed. Its shape is a bit too similar to that of a pill but we understand this is, of course, for the best possible coefficient of drag. Hopefully it pays off and there's some nice design details that pop rather than make us wanna take a snooze.

So far there's no interior shots but we'll be sure to update you IF that changes.

The new 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class will arrive in the next 12 months - and it’ll sire a new EQS all-electric limousine in 2021, to take the fight to Tesla and other EV pioneers.

We’ve already seen a hint of how the EQS will look, in the shape of the concept car shown at the 2019 Frankfurt motor show. It’s been a long narrative, stretching back to 2015’s F 015 concept, and our sources suggest the EQS will be a quite different partner to the classically dynamic-looking S-Class limo (not peas in a pod like the GLC and EQC)...

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