This is big. Like, era-defining big. This is the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50, and it may just be the most aerodynamically-advanced - not to mention exciting - road car the world has ever seen.

Of course, we knew a bit about the T.50 already. We’d seen the sketches, mocked up our own renders and spoken to the big man about the most intricate details, but now we have the first official rendering of the rear three-quarter. 

It looks absolutely incredible, right? It is, of course, completely dominated by that 400mm fan, which protrudes from the centre like some form of sci-fi thruster. Imagine following one of these down a British B-road. Not that you’d be able to tail it for very long - the fan, which Murray briefly introduced into Formula 1 with the Brabham BT46B in 1978, utilises ground effect aerodynamics by rapidly accelerating the air passing under the car and forcing it through active elements on the rear diffuser.

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First Glimpse: Gordon Murry Automotive T.50 Hypercar Image Shows A Huge Suction Fan In The Rear

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