The Volkswagen Atlas was the right product released at the right time. Just imagine if it had been released several years earlier!

After VW's well-known Dieselgate scandal, it needed a vehicle with juice to get it back in the heart's of consumers. The Atlas drove that charge.

Just after a few years of it being on the road now, its blocky design is getting awfully tired. To my eyes it wasn't especially good unless you were a Lego man/woman. It's time for a refresh!

From the recently released sketches from VW corporate, it's clear the changes will be minor on the outside. Essentially, the 2021 Atlas will get an updated "face," that'll be more aligned with the Atlas Cross Sport. Fingers crossed that VW gives the interior the attention it deserves — as it currently exists it is pathetic.

Volkswagen's statement reads:

Volkswagen Reveals Sketches of 2021 Atlas

These sketches give an indication of the exterior styling changes to the Atlas for the 2021 model year. The refreshed Atlas receives a revised grille, head- and taillights, and front and rear bumpers in addition to interior upgrades and new driver-assistance and technology features.

SKETCHED OUT: Volkswagen Shows Us The REVISED 2021 Atlas. Well, Sort Of...

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